The Wonder Worker! (about me)

I’m TRULY a Renaissance Woman in every sense of the word. I’m about as old school as the Renaissance period too, well, okay, not THAT old school, but I do admire the classics! I once saw a writing contest wherein you were to describe your life in six words. Six words?! hmmm…….well, here goes: Tough, Smart, Adventurous, Empathic, Spiritual and Outdoorsy. Okay, I didn’t win the contest, but I was honest, so what more could I ask? It was a great experience!

I’m a woman of many talents who strives to keep smiling no matter what and make others smile. Here’s an idea of my contributions to society: Empathic, Spiritual and Intuitive- Investigator, Reader and Consultant, Outdoor Leader and Educator, (former ten-year volunteer of the Nature Conservancy) Certified NaturalistPublic Speaker, Ordained MinisterCertified Environmental Health ConsultantHolistic Lifestyle/Transformative Coach, Writer (and Journal/Writing Coach), Photographer, Adjunct College Professor, Radio Broadcaster/Producer/Personality, Avid Gardener, Intuitive Healer (especially with animals), Eco Therapy Facilitator, Certified in Mental Health First Aid, Reiki Master and Solopreneur! 

Phew! That was a lot of stuff! Sometimes you just fall into things along your path in life, and all of these facets of my life came together naturally, one thing leading to the next. I feel very guided in life and have learned deeply from my many lessons, which I consider to be gifts of “growing and knowing.” For me there is nothing better in life than knowing you made a difference somehow. That’s my aim, it is true, and that’s why I’m called the Wonder Worker! (Actually, it is my dearly departed friend, Barb Masi who gave me the name….it’s what she called me after giving her Reiki during her battle with terminal cancer- she said it eased her pain and brought her ‘peace’) I use all of my gifts and talents together to communicate and share as effectively as possible.

You can listen to my radio shows (Sunday Soulstice Radio and Third Stone from the Sun) on WXCI 91.7 FM Sundays from 11 am-3 p.m. Sunday Soulstice is about getting in tune with your higher self (11 am-noon), to be your best self, and thereby helping others be theirs. We’re all connected and affect each other’s lives in profound ways. We stream on (Gratitude is my SUPERPOWER!)

My blog can be read on the blog page of this site. It’s all about self-empowerment and wellness. Share if you care!

I work with individuals and groups in many ways, but as a complex-trauma survivor I am especially sensitive to those who have and still endure challenges in life. I lead workshops (check under the Events page) and am available for  online and personal coaching. You can achieve anything that your heart, soul, mind and body are working together on.  I can help.

I have a MA degree presently, and am working toward a PhD in Transformative Studies.

Every day is a GIFT, that’s why it’s called the “present.” ~ Namaste.

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