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Ordained Minister Services available:

Officiate Weddings: I would be honored to be a part of your special day! I’m experienced with traditional, same-sex, and handfasting ceremonies. I’ll gladly work with your budget. I can even help you write your own special vows, and will work with you every step of the way to assure your peace of mind and success. A Beautiful unframed or framed certificate is included as a keepsake to commemorate your day!

Eulogies: Let me honor your loved ones as they transition from our time here on Earth. I will write a program and work with the family to speak from the heart and offer up words of love and inspiration in a thoughtful, considerate Eulogy.  As a former OBIT writer for numerous publications I would also be pleased to draft an account of your dearly departed to share with loved ones, for publication and others. Want to write a biography about your loved one? Let’s talk about ghostwriting. I’ll do the work, you honor him or her with love and remembrance.

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House Blessings: Have you just purchased a new home, or are leaving an old one? Would you like to “clear” the energy and release any negativity that may be lingering? Do you sense a presence in your space? As a spiritual intuitive I can clear your home, smudge (or sage) your home, and bless it for years to come, in love, protection and peace. A certificate of clearing is included in every service.

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Environmental Health Services: Is your environment making you sick? I was certified through the Arizona Institute for Integrative Health and Healing in 2016 as an Environmental Consultant/Holistic Lifestyle Coach. My certification allows me to work with clients to eliminate toxins in the home, coach for conscious consumerism, and evaluate Environmental efficiency for a Holistic lifestyle concerning food, clothing, exercise, consciousness and the home/work environment. * The same services are available for your pets. Is what they are eating and sleeping/walking/running on making them sick? I can help you come up with a Wellness Plan for you and your loved ones. Budget plans available for every household.

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Reiki Practitioner: I became a Reiki practitioner in 2012 when a very dear friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and have logged nearly 200 hours since, volunteering at a wellness center, working at a physical therapy practice and independently. I offer a free, online consultation for first-time clients. Referral discounts also available. Reiki helps relieve anxiety, stress, chronic pain and aids in relaxation. I can incorporate aromatherapy, sound therapy and gentle stretching for increased results. Sessions cost $30 for a 30-minute session and $50 for an hour.  Distance Reiki can be also be scheduled anywhere, at almost anytime in the comfort of your own home. In-person sessions can be scheduled in the local area.

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Intuitive Readings: 

Where have you been? Where are you at this moment? Where is your life leading you? I can assist with an intuitive reading using the sound of your voice, Karma Cards, the Wisdom of the Oracle, or Spiritual/Energy Consulting. Do you have a question that you are struggling with? I can help and offer blessings/clearings of stagnant energy as well. Rather than a proclaimed psychic, who uses Tarot Cards or reads palms, I use my gift of insight, sensitivity, spiritual connections and the energy surrounding our exchange to guide you. I am also very sensitive to physiognomy and breath. Most readings are done online or by phone. I am very unique because I am not concerned with giving you a generalized reading that anyone can give you just to take your money, rather, I am able to feel your energy and tap into sensitivities to “receive” the answers you seek, which are all within you. I simply extract them and mirror your own journey. Readings are time sensitive since time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm, so I charge in 10 minute increments; sometimes answers come quickly, and I won’t fill time needlessly. If I’m not feeling a connection, you won’t be charged at all! My cost is $1.00 per minute, so you can choose how long you want the reading, or let the reading guide you. Group readings available and I can come to gatherings for special occasions only. *Meant to be for entertainment purposes, but you will gain insight! I’ve yet to have negative feedback for the past 25 years.

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***Please call (203) 837-7231 for booking and fees & rates.

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