Kendall’s K9 Cookies and Companion Creations!

Kendall’s K-9 Cookies were created as “Thank You” treats for dogs that I lovingly took care of while house/pet sitting for clients back in the early 90’s. I wanted to leave them with a reminder of the special time we spent together. Soon afterward “tails” were told (and wagging!) about how popular they were with my four-legged beloved friends, and requests for more came “pawing” in, so I continue to bake all these years later. On 9/11/2001, I sent ten dozen cookies via the Red Cross for the Rescue dogs at ground zero in NYC, and made many more canine friends, one especially being Hansen, a Belgian Shepherd that sent me a thank you card via his handler. At this point I realized I wanted to continue doing what I could, in my own small way, to help those in need of a “paw up,” so I now donate half of all of the funds I receive for baking to the local animal shelters, especially the New Fairfield/Sherman Animal Welfare Society in CT. I’m happy to be on their “baker” list to contribute to their fundraisers. ***You Can Donate a Dozen To Your Favorite Shelter and I’ll ship/deliver them for Free!

I’ve been trying my hand at re-purposing other items into something for dogs and cats, such as catnip socks, beds, bandannas and the like. Hopefully you can find something you like here. Keep in mind that cookies and treats are made to order, unless you can catch me at a Farmer’s Market around CT. Email me for more information. Here’s a menu of the K-9 Cookies, may you and your loved one enjoy each morsel of life! (All are Baker’s Dozen-13 to a bag, (except tasty morsels)or you can buy a “Snack Attack” bag-4 for $2) *** These are good-sized treats, about 2 ounces each….in fun shapes and sizes depending on the time of year-you can break them up to make them last longer, but good luck! they’ll be looking for more!

**** All cookies are shipped in reusable ‘doggie disposal bags’ It’s my way of passing it on for the Planet!

Kendall’s K-9 Cookies

Bacon and Eggs! (a top seller!)
3 Simple Ingredients: Bacon Fat, Local, Farm-Fresh, Free-Range Eggs, Organic Oat Flour, and a dash O’ Molasses! $7.50/Baker’s Doz.

Sweet Relief (for the ‘ole dog in need of a leg up)
Organic oat flour, garlic, ginger, dandelion root, oregano, turmeric, free-range eggs for protein, and a dash O’ Molasses!
$8.50/Baker’s Doz.

Fresh Breath Bones (for that ‘Doggy’ Breath!)
Organic Oat Flour, Farm-Fresh Eggs, Mint from our Farm, and a dash O’ Molasses! $7.50/Baker’s Doz

Peanut B & Protein!
(another favorite) Organic Peanut Butter, Bone Meal, Farm-Fresh Eggs, Oat Flour, and a dash O’ Molasses!
$7.50 Baker’s Doz.

Tasty Morsels Training Treats (also great for smaller dogs)
Oat Flour, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Farm-Fresh, Local Eggs, Organic Carrots, and a dash O’ Molasses!
$8.50 for 3 dozen bite-size treats

Sampler Sachet
Pick 3 of your favorite kind of treats and you’ll get some of each! (plus a little extra morsel!)

$10 per Sachet

For the Kitties

Organic Catnip
Grown right here on our small farm. Sold in snack-sized zip-lock baggies. $3.50/bag (2 ounces catnip)

Catnip Socks
(They make great gifts) I found a use for the mismatched socks that normally get disposed of)….cats love them! ***socks are thoroughly cleaned in non-toxic soap. (approx. 2 ounces catnip in each sock)
$4.50 each

Other Odds & Ends:

Catgrass/Catnip Kit
Grow Your Own Catgrass/Catnip for Feline’s Sake! Includes re-purposed planter, seed kit, soil pod. Your cat will thank you!
$5.50 each

Bandannas – (Coming soon)

Up-Cycled Beds
(Coming Soon)

Crystal Collar Sachets (for Protection and Health)
Coming Soon

Please email me your for your order ( your phone number and I will call you to confirm the order. I can accept paypal, venmo, or check (Gift Certificates are available & gift baskets can be made, just ask!) I appreciate your business and stand behind my products. Cookies and baked goods should be refrigerated after receiving for best results (lasting 3-4 weeks).

Thank You for supporting a Small Business!!!!

~~~~The Wonder Worker!

Our ingredients come from our farm and other small farms and local sources in the CT area.

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