What Are You REALLY Thankful for? Or, talking turkey without the turkey.

2021 is (supposedly) the 400-year Anniversary of Thanksgiving in the United States. History tells us that In 1621 the pilgrims came over from England and were met by a tribe of Native Americans on the shores of MA by the Wampanoags. This is what they taught us in grammar school, and this is where things … Continue reading “What Are You REALLY Thankful for? Or, talking turkey without the turkey.”

Calm Amongst the Chaos

You are okay, I’m okay, and we’re all going to be okay. Let me begin with that. I also want to thank everyone who reached out to me with concern and caring. I am well, safe and sound, and praying for ALL humankind> Next I’d like to say that at noon today, March 25, 2020, … Continue reading “Calm Amongst the Chaos”

Free Reiki Fridays at Happy Rainbows!

Come to Happy Rainbows, in Sherman, CT (Rt 39 plaza) for free Reiki sessions from 3:30-5:30 p.m. (Donations are Gratefully Accepted), beginning on January 10th, 2020. Fifteen- minute sessions are free of cost, 30-minute sessions are available for a suggested donation of $15 (pre-registration required for 30-min. sessions). Sign-up sheets will be available at Happy … Continue reading “Free Reiki Fridays at Happy Rainbows!”


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Photo by Jakob on Pexels.com

Hi, I’m the Wonder Worker; I claimed the name from my dearly departed friend, Barb, aka Chickie. When I used to give her Reiki to help ease her chronic pain, she used to say “You’re a Wonder Worker-you take my pain away…” I made a promise to her before she left us behind that I would share my writing with the world, this one’s for you, Chickie!

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