Our Daily Breath for a New Year

Take a deep breath…..what I am about to tell you requires a relaxed state of mind and body. 2020 is a year to Awaken: awaken your soul, your emotional being, and your body to what is coming. A year from now I hope you look back on this blog entry and say “Wow.” It may be the most meaningful one I’ll write for the year.

As I meditated before falling asleep on what to write for the first blog entry of the New Year, what came to me as a strong message (in a dream) was not the usual “what’s the resolution or revelation,” it was a clear message to send out to everyone and it was this….(another deep breath please)

“Now is the Time.” Time for what? I asked upon awakening. I need more information Great Spirit (thus began my morning meditation-with the image of the lotus flower)

aquatic bloom blooming blossom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Time to Awaken from the Depth of Your Soul.” Hmmm. What came next were flashes of images, a most powerful meditation, one that I haven’t encountered since in my 20’s. Images of people with headphones on, looking blankly down at their phones, people with hoodies covering their heads, sunglasses on, slouched over in complete, utter distraction. People deafened, blinded, addicted, alone in crowds of people all around them. Empty parks, playgrounds, movie theaters, restaurants.

It all seemed so dismal. Then it came upon me. It made sense 30 minutes into this meditative state; too many people are not living by their HIGHER nature, are secluded from even themselves, connecting virtually but disconnected spiritually, social isolation, spiritual starvation. Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, you are, because your emotions are your spiritual compass. The faces in these images were all emotionless. I get it. We’re coerced to live by our lower nature when what we need now more than ever is to raise our vibration as a people, as one human race, living by our higher nature. We’ve been sucked into a vortex of disassociated isolation, viewing the world and ourselves based on external stimulation, false securities, likes, views on SM, outward appearances. Add into the mix a constant barrage of media spectacles, political warfare, trends, carnal enticements, (every kind of dating/hookup and discreet encounters imaginable) and you have the perfect recipe for Lower Nature existence.

What’s my point? Good question. The only way to truly awaken to your true being, know yourself (if you care to), and reach the depths of YOU is to FREE YOURSELF of ALL distractions and do the inner work, by relieving yourself of the outer onslaught. Here’s some elements to consider when beginning your work, thereby getting in touch with your authentic self, which will in turn put you on the path to true knowing and the Breath of Life:

(take the challenge of your own free will, and if you do, post a result if you are willing or share on The Wonder Worker FB page)

  1. Resolve to set aside one full day completely for yourself, free of all obligations, distractions and technology (Sunday is a great day to do this-as it is the ‘day of rest’)
  2. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the moment you close them at night, leave your phone, tablet, computer or any other device, turned OFF. (warn people in advance that you are doing this if needed, but don’t tell them what you are doing until you’ve given yourself this time first)
  3. Begin your day with a good stretch and breath session then, do whatever comes naturally to you: eat if you’re hungry, drink if thirsty, stay in bed if that resonates with you. The point is, live completely in the moment for one full day. Don’t plan anything, just go with the flow, doing whatever you feel as time progresses. Can you remember what that was like?
  4.  Document your feelings as you go, noticing if you feel anxiety from not handling your phone or other device. Each time you do, take deep, relaxing breaths and remind yourself “I want to feel happy and at peace today; this is a day for ME.”
  5. Now for the true inner work; ask yourself the following questions and document them on paper and pen. You want a record of this day to reflect upon later, even if it’s the next New Year. Paper and pen connects mind with the emotional body.
  6.  How do you feel about yourself? What would you change if you could? What do you need to forgive yourself for? What do you need to forgive others for? Why do you care what others think about you? (if you do). What can you do for YOU today? And lastly, a year from now, what will you wish you had done TODAY?
  7.  Now spend the entire day answering those questions figuratively and physically. Take a walk or a hike alone somewhere and find a nice spot to sit and really think about your life. Take deep, cleansing and healing breaths. Use this time to connect with Nature and all that you don’t see on a daily basis or perhaps take for granted: the birds singing, the sound of running water, wind, rain, trees swaying. Maybe you’d like to take a drive instead of a walk. That’s fine too, just don’t take your phone with you. Notice the houses, trees, stone walls, sky, animals, etc. Take pictures with your mind (or an actual camera if you still have one) to recall in the future. Do you like to paint or draw? Why not now? Push through the fear/anxiety/depression you may feel from the separation anxiety of not having your phone with you by reminding yourself that you are your own person and love yourself and enjoy spending time with yourself. Don’t allow negative thoughts to sneak in….don’t worry about something happening, nothing bad will, and even if it did, you’re okay! You have YOU, remember!?
  8.  Take this time to forgive others or to send out love to those who may have hurt you and release them and all negative thoughts from your being. Ask them to be blessed, and that blessing will return to you. It’s the boomerang effect; whatever you put out there comes back to you. Then ask others from the heart, to forgive you. Shout it out in the woods if you can. This is very freeing! If you’ve read this far then I know you can do it!
  9. At the end of the day congratulate yourself. Take more Breaths of Life and relax! Notice how you feel. If this exercise made you feel more anxious/depressed, it may be time to ask for help. Therapy, Counseling, Yoga, Meditation, Nutritional Consulting, or something else that positively resonates with you is advised. I find working with my clients that a combination of these elements contributes to a healthier, happier balance. I also suggest taking “tech breaks” each day, even if only for an hour, to encourage hobbies or activities centered around your interests. Feel free to contact me if I can be of more assistance to you, my services are listed on the SERVICES link of this page. My goal this year is to guide and assist as many as I can, and to complete my own personal healing and awakening journey.


**We live in a world now where we are constantly triggered. This year, make a promise to yourself of greater self care and resilience to nurture your true, authentic self. Helping yourself helps everyone. Asking for help is healing yourself. This in turn will resonate with others and inspire them to perhaps be more accepting and loving toward you and others. This is a year for 20/20 vision: look all the way around! Be aware, awake and alive! See yourself for who you really are for a deeper, more meaningful life and strive to live by your HIGHER Nature, one of consideration, kindness, compassion, loving acceptance, thoughtfulness and Awakening! I believe we are here on this Earth, at this time, for a very significant reason. Together we make a ‘Deference!’ 

Namaste and a Happy, Healthy New Year to one and ALL!

~~~The Wonder Worker*

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