“Gratitude Adjustment”

Are you in need of a “gratitude adjustment?” The truth is, we could ALL use one, even if you practice gratitude regularly, it is still something that should be considered from a perspective of HUMANITY, and not just a personal perspective. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, I’ve been thinking a lot more about gratitude lately, especially since it’s Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been thinking about my ancestors, from both sides of my family, so many, who fought in every war this country has seen. Some ancestors I am keenly aware of and thank daily, others, I am not, but know that they gave their lives to service. Had it not been for that service, I would not be here, at this moment, writing to you! We are, in fact, an amalgamation of all those who came before us in our blood lines. I have instilled in me (both knowingly and unknowingly) traits of my ancestors on both sides, as evident in our family history. Some relatives I never had the opportunity to meet, and yet am told and reminded of how much I resemble their qualities, tendencies, and positive traits. Interesting! I believe I am a culmination of all of my ancestors, to give me the traits, talents and experience I need to achieve what I am to achieve in this life. So are you.

I have learned much from people who have come into, stayed throughout, and gone (albeit physically) from my life. I carry that with me and share it with others in any positive way I can, and that is one way for me to show gratitude. Gratitude is not something to simply express, we must carry it on every day and pass it forward in any way we can. We can take every opportunity to say “thank you” to every person who comes into our day: the grocery clerk, postal carrier, garbage collector, coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, strangers who open doors for us, landscapers, newspaper delivery people, etc. A simple “Thank You” is a powerful intention that can put a seed of optimism, hope, or gladness (that you thanked them) into another’s life, and it’s ALWAYS a good time to think back and thank people who have positively affected your life in some way, even if they are from your distant past. This is especially powerful, given that they are not expecting it, and will positively assure them that they have made a difference, so much so, that you are acknowledging it again, all these years later. My point is that it doesn’t end with one token of thanks, it carries on in every action we take. If someone has changed your life for the better, even if it was through difficult experiences (a loss, separation, estrangement, etc.) you can still be thankful that this person taught you a very valuable lesson that helped to transform you in powerful ways (allowed you to assert yourself, become more resilient, etc.)

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Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

We are a reflection of those around us, and others around us respond to our words, but more especially, our actions. Showing gratitude for the meal you are about to eat, the water that sustains us, the very air we breathe, and for those we love and who love us, allows our light to shine, and illuminates the light of others and the precious Earth. We have so much to be grateful for…every morning (the sun) and every night (the moon), graces us. Take a few moments to say out loud, or write down, your words of gratitude. Now, watch what happens…..!

Your life will become transformed in ways you couldn’t have realized before. Negativity weighs us down. Complaining blocks us from prosperity. Gratitude opens the doors of possibility, happiness, serenity. We feel lighter, physically and spiritually. We could sure use more of that, couldn’t we?

In terms of HUMANITY…. we need to keep the HUMAN in it…not lose our sight on what truly matters, the love we share and the way we care, about ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow man, our very existence. Our connections are deeper than the deepest Ocean (but I will save that for another blog entry!) Our World is deeply wounded. Healing can be a constant force in our lives when we look around at ALL we have to be grateful for, and perhaps, have taken far too for granted. One World, One Last Chance to Save it.

Let’s be grateful for this last chance, and do something about it. What will you do today to show gratitude for all that this beautiful World, this beautiful life has given us? Close your eyes….are you ready?

Namaste 🙂

The Wonder Worker




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