Sowing the Seeds of Love and Spirit



Spring has sprung! I’m so happy I could wet my plants! Okay, seriously though, I chose the picture of white daisies because they are my dearly beloved Aunt Ruthie’s favorite. She is someone who continually influences my life in positive ways, though she is “bringing up daisies” (an affectionate term in this regard) herself right now. That would certainly make her happy if she were. She is a spirit who has Sown the Seeds of Love (and spirit) within me, and I know I can speak for others when I say she has done the same for so many. She was a great teacher, friend, and extremely caring Aunt and person.

Who has sown the seeds of love and spirit within you? How about honoring them by planting a memory garden in their name?

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I have planted Forget-Me-Nots (see above) for a woman named Alice Kinghorn, whom I met in ME some twenty years ago. I was staying at a friend’s house for a week and she lived next door. Every morning she was outside, feeding seagulls, who ate from her hand. One day we struck up a conversation. I’ll never forget her thick Maine accent and her large, strong hands. She brought me down the road to pick blueberries with her using a rake; then we ate together and talked about life. I was taken by her honest testimony of what life is about, what matters most, and how “keeping things simple” was essential for happiness.

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I’ve planted roses for my Nana, Reida; she had prize-winning roses planted in front of her house for over 40 years and shared them with everyone. The local newspaper printed stories about her luscious floral garden. I grew an appreciation for them because of her. She taught me how to prune them, care for them, and display them. Even though she passed twenty years ago, and her home was sold to new owners, the roses still remain out front of the house. When I’m in the area I’m sure to drive by and peek, and I leave them on her gravesite for her too. It feels wonderful to still feel such a deep connection to her through our love of flowers. What I’ll always cherish most about her was her laughter and authentic spirit. Now when they grow in my garden I let her know that they are for her.

sunflower blooming during daytime
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The love of sunflowers is something I share with my dearest friend, Barb Masi, who sadly passed away at much too young an age in 2015. Even though we were close friends for 27 years, I never knew we shared the same favorite flower, until one day. She was feeling very low after some intense chemo treatments, so I decided to bring her sunflowers to cheer her up. Little did I know how much they would.

“You brought my favorite flowers!” she said, with an ever-present twinkle in her eye. We laughed together after I told her they were also mine. “How could we not know that already?” she asked.  For a few years in our history we bought each other the same exact perfume for each other as birthday gifts, ours being only a week apart. “How did you know this was my favorite perfume?” I asked.

“I didn’t,” she said, with her big, gorgeous smile, “it’s mine, too!” I could hardly contain my excitement as she then opened her gift to find the same exact thing. We were just connected like that. Two Pisces swimming in the same deep ocean together. We are both very sentimental spirits, both loved the same flowers, but more importantly, we both loved to sow the seeds of love and spirit. Every so often I feel that she lets me know she’s with me by hearing our favorite songs, seeing sunflowers where you wouldn’t expect to, or hearing my chimes ring outside when no wind is present.

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So I’ll ask again…who has sown the seeds of love and spirit in your life? Made a lasting impression on you? Contributed in a positive way to the person you have become? Why not honor them this spring by planting flowers for them? Or perhaps their favorite fruit (blueberries?) or vegetables? Keep their spirits alive and well, not just in your heart, but here on Earth for others to also enjoy. Make a memory garden, if you will, with their names presented, or even a picture of them, beside their favorite plant. My dear friend Barb, before she passed on, bestowed a garden bench, still in the box, unassembled, upon me to one day put in my own garden. When her daughter and I assembled it last fall, I felt her spirit there, smiling at our work. I can’t wait for it to be placed in the memory garden, so she can come and sit a while, if only in spirit, and once again, enjoy her favorite flowers.

If we truly reap what we sow, then why not sow all of the good things that have been given us and pass them on, especially love. My memory garden reminds me of all the joy I’ve lived and all the love I’ve shared. This is just one  way to keep it alive.

Happy Spring and Namaste!

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