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(I just love coming up with new terms for things, i.e. “Surthriver,” and “Eatitude”)

For the last three weeks on my radio show ‘Sunday Soulstice Radio” on WXCI, 91.7 FM, I’ve spoken about how to detox your life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Of course to truly do this in all aspects you must first remove the people in your life who may be making you toxic and therefore, making you need to detox in the first place. Anyone who lies to you, deceives you, uses you, or abuses you in any way is more toxic to you than all of the contaminates all around you every moment of every day. That’s first and foremost, but there are some environmental toxins just as harmful as the negative people around you, one of the biggest being PLASTIC.

I just heard this morning on NPR that there’s been enough plastic manufactured in the world (approx. 800 billion tons of it) to cover the entire country of Argentina, which in itself is the eighth largest country in the world ( That’s an awful lot of plastic! What’s even more concerning is the fact that it is showing up in our food itself! It’s been coined “Plastic Pollution,” and it’s not only in
the containers a lot of our food is packaged in, it’s in the bellies of much of our “sea” food, ( and guess what? For a while there was a hoax of plastic rice from China and Nigeria being passed off as real. ( Yikes! if the food shortage that is predicted in 20 years is real, this hoax may also become a reality!
So with all of the toxins in our external world, I thought it a good idea to discuss how we can at least contend with all of this chaos internally, more specifically, by raising our awareness of what we consume and how our relationship with what we consume internally, reflects our relationship with ourselves, and more importantly, with others as well. Since 1826 when Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French physician coined the phrase ‘you are what you eat,’ we’ve been obsessed as a society with eating, dieting, masticating, food preparation, calories, weight loss, nutrition and all things physical involving food. We’ve been asked to look at our bodies from the outside in instead of the inside out. What I intend by this statement is to ask you to take a look at the food you consume and ask yourself if it is for sustenance, pleasure, emotional satisfaction, or trend? And how do you feel inside about what you eat on a daily basis? Listen to your “gut” instinct. If you feel badly (emotionally or physically) after eating a meal, then that experience is trying to tell you something!

What is your Spiritual/Emotional connection to the food and drink you consume?

I’m going to ask you to open your mind and your gut here for me. Is what you’re eating and drinking in line with your Emotional Well-Being? Physical Self-Image? Mental Acuity? Probably so, because whether you realize it or not, your relationship with your food reflects your relationship with your body and your mind. Want proof?

Let’s start with “comfort food,” you’re probably aware of what it is, that go-to food (or drink) we
consume when emotionally we’re feeling uncomfortable with ourselves due to stress, fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. It gives us a temporary feeling of emotional comfort, but then what happens? We end up feeling physically drained, mentally exhausted and spiritually unsettled when we crash and burn, leaving our kidneys, liver and intestines to suffer the consequences. Comfort food = needing to be comforted (emotionally, not physically), thereby making you actually feel MORE uncomfortable eventually in one of, or all of the three elements of our existence (Mental, Physical, Spiritual).

Okay, now let’s flip the coin. How about a “healthy” diet? You’re eating the right foods, staying away from processed, artificially flavored and colored, fattening and spicy/salty food. How is your attitude on life when you follow a healthy diet? Is it rose-colored-glasses good, or are you fighting something going on inside of yourself, succumbing to societal pressure, combating a low-self image, etc.? Do you see where I’m going here? Maybe we’ve been conditioned for too long. We should be slender, fit, wear the right clothes, have the right job, live in the right location, have the right education, and on and on and on!

All that really matters is how you feel about YOU!!! That means feeling good about YOU! This begins and ends in the same place, what’s going in your body (food, oxygen, breath) and HOW WHAT YOU ARE CONSUMING MAKES YOU feel.

Change your EATTITUDE, change your LIFE! It’s really your attitude about what you eat that’s going to determine how your body responds to it. If you are dealing with a lot of stress it doesn’t matter WHAT you eat, how healthy it is, how fast or slowly you eat, it’s going to affect your gut, which then affects your bathroom experience! I think you get the idea.

However, if you can take the time to spiritually be one with your food, enjoy every bite, bless it, thank it, be thankful for it, and for thirty days say to yourself ‘I want to be as healthy as I can and help in that process however I am able’, you will start thinking of your food and drink in a new way, you will see the positive results happen naturally, peacefully, positively.

Your ‘Eattitude” will change your physical energy which will then change your spiritual outlook. Once this happens, you will be in total sync in all elements and that’s when true transformation takes place.

Here’s another example. Simple-down your life as the animals in Nature do. They can only eat what is available and natural. No preservatives, fillers, artificial anything. They only drink what’s available, mostly water or the natural juices of a fruit or vegetable. They are completely in tune with their environment and live a true existence, completely present, in the moment and free. They worry not about the millions of unnecessary details we’ve created about the the basic needs of food and shelter. So grow your own food if you can, buy seasonal, local produce, barter services for food or food-making products (I’ll rake your leaves for that food dehydrator you no longer use) and spread positivity around every chance you get. Can’t live without it, can’t be healthy with it without the right outlook. So what is your outlook on the stuff you put in your body every day?

How you look at food is how you look at yourself. Tell me what your diet consists of and how you eat your food and I can know much about you. Are you always in a hurry? A grab-it-and-go eater? (I bet you have some anxiety) Do you masticate a lot, or not enough? Do you sit down in front of the television, computer? Or look at your phone while you’re chewing? Do you enjoy and savor every bite? Smiling at the Gods for the feast, big or not, that you have taken the precious time to prepare and be one with your food, the ‘Zen’ eater? Or are you a patient, kind-to-your-body eater who thinks of your insides first instead of your outsides? Your body reacts to all of these factors, sometimes not in kind! Let me ask you a question; if you’re body could talk to you, what do you think it would say? Would you listen as a friend? A worried parent? A lost child? Or a Wise Sage? If you didn’t like what you heard, what would you do? If you did like what you heard, what would you do?

So you see, when it comes to what you consume, CONSCIOUSNESS MATTERS!

Oh, one last thing. There’s another factor to include here about a healthy “Eattitude” and diet. I’ve benefitted from taking supplements (see link below) to help my gut improve with the path of my “triangle transformation” (spirit/mind/body path to self-mastery), knowing that the more aware and acknowledging I am about what goes inside of me, the more that will come out of me in all three aspects, positively. I take probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, herbs and minerals to compliment my positive “Eattitude”. I’ve been blessed to help guide others with their transformations and seen beautiful results. So if you want to seriously transform your life into one that matters most to you, then uplift yourself, uplift others, and watch what happens. It starts with what’s consuming you in some way, and what in turn you consume. Uplifting others is the truest path to serenity. I hope this article uplifted you (and your gut!) in some way.

I will be discussing this topic and others for a positive life on my radio show this Sunday, January 20 at 11 A.M. on WXCI, 91.7 FM ( for Sunday Soulstice Radio. Join me; together we can change the world for the better! Thank you for taking the time to read. Share if you care to!

Kindness Matters!

Your Soul Sister,

The Wonder Worker!



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