What Are You REALLY Thankful for? Or, talking turkey without the turkey.

2021 is (supposedly) the 400-year Anniversary of Thanksgiving in the United States. History tells us that In 1621 the pilgrims came over from England and were met by a tribe of Native Americans on the shores of MA by the Wampanoags. This is what they taught us in grammar school, and this is where things … Continue reading “What Are You REALLY Thankful for? Or, talking turkey without the turkey.”

Calm Amongst the Chaos

You are okay, I’m okay, and we’re all going to be okay. Let me begin with that. I also want to thank everyone who reached out to me with concern and caring. I am well, safe and sound, and praying for ALL humankind> Next I’d like to say that at noon today, March 25, 2020, … Continue reading “Calm Amongst the Chaos”

Free Reiki Fridays at Happy Rainbows!

Come to Happy Rainbows, in Sherman, CT (Rt 39 plaza) for free Reiki sessions from 3:30-5:30 p.m. (Donations are Gratefully Accepted), beginning on January 10th, 2020. Fifteen- minute sessions are free of cost, 30-minute sessions are available for a suggested donation of $15 (pre-registration required for 30-min. sessions). Sign-up sheets will be available at Happy … Continue reading “Free Reiki Fridays at Happy Rainbows!”


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Hi, I’m the Wonder Worker; I claimed the name from my dearly departed friend, Barb, aka Chickie. When I used to give her Reiki to help ease her chronic pain, she used to say “You’re a Wonder Worker-you take my pain away…” I made a promise to her before she left us behind that I would share my writing with the world, this one’s for you, Chickie!

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What Are You REALLY Thankful for? Or, talking turkey without the turkey.

2021 is (supposedly) the 400-year Anniversary of Thanksgiving in the United States. History tells us that In 1621 the pilgrims came over from England and were met by a tribe of Native Americans on the shores of MA by the Wampanoags. This is what they taught us in grammar school, and this is where things get a little skewed and it becomes very difficult to know WHAT to believe, since historians throughout the history of the U.S. are still debating its origin. The biggest take away of all? NO where is it definitively documented that the Pilgrims actually celebrated the tradition now known as Thanksgiving on a yearly basis. That’s right, you heard me right. It is not officially documented anywhere! (Please prove me wrong and I’ll eat cornbread) So what gives?

What are we to believe, and does it really matter at this point in time? The idea of Thanksgiving, after all, revolves around giving thanks to God and expressing what we are grateful for, so what’s the point of the massive feasting, gathering and getting a day off from work (hopefully!) Let’s take a look at some pieces to this puzzle and see if we can put something together that actually justifies this national holiday which by the way, didn’t officially become a national holiday until 1817, when the state of New York proclaimed the fourth Thursday in November the official holiday of Thanksgiving, even though it had already been established as an annual holiday in 1763! And why the heck is it the fourth Thursday, anyway? Confused yet? Let me keep trying, you’ll get there!

Other people believe that Thanksgiving really began in 1565, when the Spanish explorer, Pedro Mendez de Aviles landed in what was to eventually become St. Augustine, FL with a crew of about 2,000 in eleven ships. He gave thanks for their safe journey and invited the Timucua Tribe of Natives to join them in their feast, but he wasn’t friendly toward the natives, no. De Avila actually had many of them slaughtered, as did the French, way back in the 1500’s, much sooner than the black-hatted Pilgrims did. Seems we have a history of this. Look at the Portuguese, who went to Brazil to do the same and enslave the Natives that they didn’t already kill. We have a world-wide barbaric history of the kill-or-be-killed mentality. What we don’t do out of love, we do out of fear.

I don’t want to be a party downer, but someone has to say it….before the Pilgrims arrived (why are they called Pilgrims, anyway?) some European traders (again, supposedly) brought a very unwanted gift to the Wampanoag tribe of Natives- pandemic diseases. Take your pic: Influenza, Smallpox, Measles and Typhus Fever. The scourge wiped out more than two-thirds of their tribe before the Pilgrims arrived. Do you really think they welcomed them with big smiles and abled efforts? Me thinks not! Yet still, they reportedly taught the Pilgrims how to plant crops and fertilize them to ensure food for the harsh winter’s grasp. That fact is believed to be true, although who really knows for sure?

It is now speculative whether or not the Pilgrims actually invited the Natives for a feast of thanks, but rather, may have selfishly excluded them to protect their own food supply after learning how to gather and grow it in the first place. Keep in mind that New England offered a very different fauna, flora, climate and hunting scenario than England. Most of the crew that came over on the ships were indentured servants, including my ancestors. Yes, I am related to the servants who built the first settlements in what was to become the 13 colonies. I feel a sense of pride, but also hesitation, given what I am coming to know of the true history. These facts have drawn me closer to this day of Thanksgiving in a more insightful way. I want to know what it’s really about and honestly become more conscientious about it. America was founded by Natives, not newcomers. I think we need to acknowledge that and heal our wounds, make peace and respect our true elders.

What do you think? Does it matter? And was turkey even the main course? Probably not, because it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that documentation shows turkey as the preferred main course, simply because it was more readily available at that time. It was more likely that our English ancestors harvested and hunted whatever was available, i.e. venison, duck, fish and yes, turkeys if they were ready for the shooting. Although with muskets as the only hunting rifle at the time, it would have blown the poor poultry to bits, making it unappealing for the table!

Mother Bear, a descendent of the Wampanoag tribe and a tribal leader, has recently claimed that the Pilgrims forced many natives to convert to Christianity, with a ‘pray or die’ policy at one point among the people. Thus Thanksgiving actually became a day of mourning for them, not celebration. Imagine having to run away or be killed because you didn’t want to conform to practices that were not your own. Hmm…history does indeed repeat itself, doesn’t it?

“For us, Thanksgiving kicked off colonization. Our lives changed dramatically. It brought disease, servitude and so many things that weren’t good for Wampanoags and other indigenous cultures.”

It’s become abundantly clear the Natives don’t share our warm and fuzzy feelings about this ‘holiday’ when you consider that for our native ancestors, there’s no holiday aspect on their part; it’s more like a horror day for them. So what should we really be giving thanks for? Perhaps we can consider giving thanks to all of the Natives who showed us the way, sacrificed their lives for our own indigent pursuits.

And perhaps, we should be giving thanks every day, at every meal, for that which we are blessed with: the food on the table, the people we share it with, our very breath, our lives and our freedom to express ourselves and practice our beliefs, at least in this country of the United States of America, while we still can, and anything else we may take for granted on a daily basis.

Thanksgiving may very well be a man-made holiday, (a term used to combine Holy and Day, which it is not!) as are so many others; let’s not forget what it’s all really about. We need to raise our consciousness instead of just our glasses, and evolve to a higher state of being by choosing not to ‘celebrate’ what was founded in pain and suffering. When will it be? Be grateful for your blessings, whatever they may be, and celebrate family, friends, acts of kindness and compassion. You can still gather, enjoy your ‘holidays’ and your country, but until we rise above the false pretenses, we will not heal our wounds or come together as a people. United we stand, divided we fall prey to the untruths and falsified history.

What’s that you say? Can’t we just gather, eat food and watch football without the dark history lesson, the guilt, the shame? After all, that was 400 years ago and times have changed! Well, maybe so, but apparently we haven’t. As evident in our present pandemic, history indeed does repeat itself. Take a look around and decide for yourself. We don’t live in the past, but we live with it, and if we don’t do something about it, we will see the same fate as the Native Americans, only this time we are the indentured servants (if you’ve awoken then you know what I mean) in a society nearly extinct of morals, values, traditions and most importantly, principles. This is the danger of losing our true history.

“Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord. Whoever eats meat does so to the Lord, for they give thanks to God; and whoever abstains does so to the Lord and gives Thanks to God.”

Romans 14:6

Here’s a link to the podcast of this blog entry narrated by your very truly:


Calm Amongst the Chaos

You are okay, I’m okay, and we’re all going to be okay. Let me begin with that. I also want to thank everyone who reached out to me with concern and caring. I am well, safe and sound, and praying for ALL humankind> Next I’d like to say that at noon today, March 25, 2020, there will be a World Wide Lord’s prayer, so I must make this entry quick so that I can participate. Though I pray the Rosary daily, meditate and send good intention out amongst the enrgetic stream, this is a very unique time in our history as a people, a creation, a world. I’ve been asked to speak, so here I am.

The COVID-19 virus is an opportunity for us all to UNITE, show what good we are truly capable of, and turn things around in this world for the better. We are being asked to be still, reflect, consider others, and, hopefully, rise to the occasion. What we do now determines our future. There is no other way to say it. During my daily meditations, I either receive insight, personal guidance, and messages. If you choose to remain in tune and open your third eye and ears to the unsounded messages, you will grow exponentially during this time. I can assure you, nothing will ever be the same again after this instance, just as nothing was the same after 9/11 in this country, and other major occurrences in other countries. This time of unrest is when we must rest. There are many blessings that can come out of this time; know what they are, practice RADICAL gratitude, extreme kindness, and combat any darkness you may be feeling with shining, beaming light, through your actions, thoughts, words and deeds.

In my prayers and meditations this is what I’ve been given: Peace, Love, Comfort, Assurance, Protection, and more….all of which came with a distinct message: SHARE IT! Take this time to reach out, call out, play out (your creativity, visions for a better future/world, etc.) restore, and renew your spirit. The Great Spirit, the very essence of life, has expressed to me that Earth needs this rest also. We must no longer do that which is UN natural, and get back in line with Nature/Natural balance. Spring is a time for renewal, new life, and in Nature, some things fall away to make room for new roots. We must plant the seed of prosperity that is favorable for Earth.

As an Empath of Earth before spirit, I feel and hear the calling out of Nature and more specifically, the spirit of Nature itself. I am one with the trees, creatures, breath of life in the air. Earth is trying to sustain an imbalance, but is losing the battle. This my beloved ones, is not about Climate Change, pollution, etc. This is about human’s balance with Earth itself, and creating an unnatural world filled with more disparity, illness, disease and crisis. This is NOT a time of crisis; this is a time of calm….calm that has come through chaos. Earth feels our energy and responds to in unbeknownst to most people, who are not in tune with it. We only REACT to Earth’s crisis, when we should PROact. Be PRO (which means ‘for’) ductive, not deductive. Try not to dwell on what you do not have, but how blessed you truly are. Send out, with intention, love into the world, comfort for the sick and dying, strength for the people on the front line, and take a walk outside to thank our Great Mother, Earth, whom without, we would not have the opportunity to be safe and sound, indoors.

This too shall pass…..and will determine the next outcome. All is not lost, but we can be found…we can find the strength within ourselves to gain resilience, spark creativity, share, share, share all the kindness, compassion, and love we were brought into this world with as children. Be childlike, but not childish and enjoy the very simple things we did in our youth without judgement our preconceived notions about others. We are one race, the human race, one heart, and as the lovely Bob Marley once said “let’s get together and feel alright.” One Love, One Heart. I love you. I’m sending it out to you, and I’m asking you to pass it on, now and forever, Amen.

*** It will be noon in 15 minutes! Let’s feel and share the power of Prayer.

~~~Bless you.

The Wonder Worker!

Free Reiki Fridays at Happy Rainbows!

love romantic bath candlelight
Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

Come to Happy Rainbows, in Sherman, CT (Rt 39 plaza) for free Reiki sessions from 3:30-5:30 p.m. (Donations are Gratefully Accepted), beginning on January 10th, 2020. Fifteen- minute sessions are free of cost, 30-minute sessions are available for a suggested donation of $15 (pre-registration required for 30-min. sessions). Sign-up sheets will be available at Happy Rainbows each week, or you can sign up here by sending me a message. (Come to the shop anyway and soak up the good, positive energy!) Relax and have your Aura and Chakras cleared and cleansed. Allow restorative healing to commence! ~~~Namaste!

~~~The Wonder Worker!

Our Daily Breath for a New Year

Take a deep breath…..what I am about to tell you requires a relaxed state of mind and body. 2020 is a year to Awaken: awaken your soul, your emotional being, and your body to what is coming. A year from now I hope you look back on this blog entry and say “Wow.” It may be the most meaningful one I’ll write for the year.

As I meditated before falling asleep on what to write for the first blog entry of the New Year, what came to me as a strong message (in a dream) was not the usual “what’s the resolution or revelation,” it was a clear message to send out to everyone and it was this….(another deep breath please)

“Now is the Time.” Time for what? I asked upon awakening. I need more information Great Spirit (thus began my morning meditation-with the image of the lotus flower)

aquatic bloom blooming blossom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Time to Awaken from the Depth of Your Soul.” Hmmm. What came next were flashes of images, a most powerful meditation, one that I haven’t encountered since in my 20’s. Images of people with headphones on, looking blankly down at their phones, people with hoodies covering their heads, sunglasses on, slouched over in complete, utter distraction. People deafened, blinded, addicted, alone in crowds of people all around them. Empty parks, playgrounds, movie theaters, restaurants.

It all seemed so dismal. Then it came upon me. It made sense 30 minutes into this meditative state; too many people are not living by their HIGHER nature, are secluded from even themselves, connecting virtually but disconnected spiritually, social isolation, spiritual starvation. Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, you are, because your emotions are your spiritual compass. The faces in these images were all emotionless. I get it. We’re coerced to live by our lower nature when what we need now more than ever is to raise our vibration as a people, as one human race, living by our higher nature. We’ve been sucked into a vortex of disassociated isolation, viewing the world and ourselves based on external stimulation, false securities, likes, views on SM, outward appearances. Add into the mix a constant barrage of media spectacles, political warfare, trends, carnal enticements, (every kind of dating/hookup and discreet encounters imaginable) and you have the perfect recipe for Lower Nature existence.

What’s my point? Good question. The only way to truly awaken to your true being, know yourself (if you care to), and reach the depths of YOU is to FREE YOURSELF of ALL distractions and do the inner work, by relieving yourself of the outer onslaught. Here’s some elements to consider when beginning your work, thereby getting in touch with your authentic self, which will in turn put you on the path to true knowing and the Breath of Life:

(take the challenge of your own free will, and if you do, post a result if you are willing or share on The Wonder Worker FB page)

  1. Resolve to set aside one full day completely for yourself, free of all obligations, distractions and technology (Sunday is a great day to do this-as it is the ‘day of rest’)
  2. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the moment you close them at night, leave your phone, tablet, computer or any other device, turned OFF. (warn people in advance that you are doing this if needed, but don’t tell them what you are doing until you’ve given yourself this time first)
  3. Begin your day with a good stretch and breath session then, do whatever comes naturally to you: eat if you’re hungry, drink if thirsty, stay in bed if that resonates with you. The point is, live completely in the moment for one full day. Don’t plan anything, just go with the flow, doing whatever you feel as time progresses. Can you remember what that was like?
  4.  Document your feelings as you go, noticing if you feel anxiety from not handling your phone or other device. Each time you do, take deep, relaxing breaths and remind yourself “I want to feel happy and at peace today; this is a day for ME.”
  5. Now for the true inner work; ask yourself the following questions and document them on paper and pen. You want a record of this day to reflect upon later, even if it’s the next New Year. Paper and pen connects mind with the emotional body.
  6.  How do you feel about yourself? What would you change if you could? What do you need to forgive yourself for? What do you need to forgive others for? Why do you care what others think about you? (if you do). What can you do for YOU today? And lastly, a year from now, what will you wish you had done TODAY?
  7.  Now spend the entire day answering those questions figuratively and physically. Take a walk or a hike alone somewhere and find a nice spot to sit and really think about your life. Take deep, cleansing and healing breaths. Use this time to connect with Nature and all that you don’t see on a daily basis or perhaps take for granted: the birds singing, the sound of running water, wind, rain, trees swaying. Maybe you’d like to take a drive instead of a walk. That’s fine too, just don’t take your phone with you. Notice the houses, trees, stone walls, sky, animals, etc. Take pictures with your mind (or an actual camera if you still have one) to recall in the future. Do you like to paint or draw? Why not now? Push through the fear/anxiety/depression you may feel from the separation anxiety of not having your phone with you by reminding yourself that you are your own person and love yourself and enjoy spending time with yourself. Don’t allow negative thoughts to sneak in….don’t worry about something happening, nothing bad will, and even if it did, you’re okay! You have YOU, remember!?
  8.  Take this time to forgive others or to send out love to those who may have hurt you and release them and all negative thoughts from your being. Ask them to be blessed, and that blessing will return to you. It’s the boomerang effect; whatever you put out there comes back to you. Then ask others from the heart, to forgive you. Shout it out in the woods if you can. This is very freeing! If you’ve read this far then I know you can do it!
  9. At the end of the day congratulate yourself. Take more Breaths of Life and relax! Notice how you feel. If this exercise made you feel more anxious/depressed, it may be time to ask for help. Therapy, Counseling, Yoga, Meditation, Nutritional Consulting, or something else that positively resonates with you is advised. I find working with my clients that a combination of these elements contributes to a healthier, happier balance. I also suggest taking “tech breaks” each day, even if only for an hour, to encourage hobbies or activities centered around your interests. Feel free to contact me if I can be of more assistance to you, my services are listed on the SERVICES link of this page. My goal this year is to guide and assist as many as I can, and to complete my own personal healing and awakening journey.


**We live in a world now where we are constantly triggered. This year, make a promise to yourself of greater self care and resilience to nurture your true, authentic self. Helping yourself helps everyone. Asking for help is healing yourself. This in turn will resonate with others and inspire them to perhaps be more accepting and loving toward you and others. This is a year for 20/20 vision: look all the way around! Be aware, awake and alive! See yourself for who you really are for a deeper, more meaningful life and strive to live by your HIGHER Nature, one of consideration, kindness, compassion, loving acceptance, thoughtfulness and Awakening! I believe we are here on this Earth, at this time, for a very significant reason. Together we make a ‘Deference!’ 

Namaste and a Happy, Healthy New Year to one and ALL!

~~~The Wonder Worker*

The “Green Tunnels.”

One day my dearly beloved Aunt Ruthie and I were driving to a small town in coastal Massachusetts, where my family originated back when this beautiful country was settled.  She wanted to teach me about from where I come, my roots, if you will. As we approached a road flanked with tall Oaks and Maples, she quickly pointed out the roadway ahead. As she took her hand off the wheel and pointed to the dense canopy of green above our heads she said, “See the green tunnels? Aren’t they beautiful? At first I wasn’t sure what she meant, but then quickly realized she was talking about the canopy layer of trees above us that was so thick, you couldn’t see the sky. Her face was beaming with delight and she seemed to revel in the view so much, that she slowed down her driving to enjoy it for as long as possible.

“It’s magical,” she said. Suddenly I felt as though I was transported to another dimension. I saw the trees in a different light, imagining what those old Oaks and Maples must have seen in the decades before us. Sure, I’ve always deeply loved nature, have had a profound appreciation and respect for it, and felt that deep connection throughout my being, but never thought about the way the trees seemed to guide the way as they now did. They welcomed us, called out to us to keep going, to see where they led, to take in their majestic beauty while removing any other distractions. Their tender leaves waved at us with a gentle hello as the sun peeked through in laser-beam rays that dotted the road. I felt as though I was sharing a very special moment with a kindred spirit. As a kid I’d climb trees every chance I got, even fell out of one at a young age, which tore a necklace I wore away from me, never to be found again. The tree kept it for safekeeping, I thought. It needed it more than I did, I guessed.

“Make a wish,” she then blurted out as we were nearing the end of the tunnel. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and wished for something (if I tell you it won’t come true). There was something about that moment, driving through Nature’s “green tunnel” that made time stop, suspended us forever in that moment. You will know when this happens yourself, when you recall a memory, whether something has sparked it or you just happen upon the thing, person, or place that instilled it, and the very same feeling you had at the moment of the occurrence taking place, occurs again. Deja Vu, perhaps. I call it the “joy fuzzies.”

The Green Tunnels are going to disappear again, soon, to be replaced by the glorious rage of colors that drives humans to go “leaf peeping.” Now I go “tunnel peeping!” I no longer have to wait for the splashed tapestry of reds, yellows, crimsons and oranges of Autumn. I no longer take the carpeted greens of summer (below and above) for granted,  before the colors of autumn fade, fall down to the Earth, and become a part of the cycle of life, to be reused as Nature’s mulch, protecting the sacred ground for winter’s wrath. Who knows where the green tunnels will lead me, or you. They simply ask us to look up, look ahead, and feel the comfort, joy and beauty of Nature’s green light, leading the way.

Thank you Aunt Ruthie, for the Green Tunnels; I know you’re enjoying them with me in spirit. Praise Be!

~~~The Wonder Worker!


highway in the middle of forest
Photo by Dana Tentis on Pexels.com

“Gratitude Adjustment”

Are you in need of a “gratitude adjustment?” The truth is, we could ALL use one, even if you practice gratitude regularly, it is still something that should be considered from a perspective of HUMANITY, and not just a personal perspective. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, I’ve been thinking a lot more about gratitude lately, especially since it’s Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been thinking about my ancestors, from both sides of my family, so many, who fought in every war this country has seen. Some ancestors I am keenly aware of and thank daily, others, I am not, but know that they gave their lives to service. Had it not been for that service, I would not be here, at this moment, writing to you! We are, in fact, an amalgamation of all those who came before us in our blood lines. I have instilled in me (both knowingly and unknowingly) traits of my ancestors on both sides, as evident in our family history. Some relatives I never had the opportunity to meet, and yet am told and reminded of how much I resemble their qualities, tendencies, and positive traits. Interesting! I believe I am a culmination of all of my ancestors, to give me the traits, talents and experience I need to achieve what I am to achieve in this life. So are you.

I have learned much from people who have come into, stayed throughout, and gone (albeit physically) from my life. I carry that with me and share it with others in any positive way I can, and that is one way for me to show gratitude. Gratitude is not something to simply express, we must carry it on every day and pass it forward in any way we can. We can take every opportunity to say “thank you” to every person who comes into our day: the grocery clerk, postal carrier, garbage collector, coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, strangers who open doors for us, landscapers, newspaper delivery people, etc. A simple “Thank You” is a powerful intention that can put a seed of optimism, hope, or gladness (that you thanked them) into another’s life, and it’s ALWAYS a good time to think back and thank people who have positively affected your life in some way, even if they are from your distant past. This is especially powerful, given that they are not expecting it, and will positively assure them that they have made a difference, so much so, that you are acknowledging it again, all these years later. My point is that it doesn’t end with one token of thanks, it carries on in every action we take. If someone has changed your life for the better, even if it was through difficult experiences (a loss, separation, estrangement, etc.) you can still be thankful that this person taught you a very valuable lesson that helped to transform you in powerful ways (allowed you to assert yourself, become more resilient, etc.)

affection appreciation decoration design
Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

We are a reflection of those around us, and others around us respond to our words, but more especially, our actions. Showing gratitude for the meal you are about to eat, the water that sustains us, the very air we breathe, and for those we love and who love us, allows our light to shine, and illuminates the light of others and the precious Earth. We have so much to be grateful for…every morning (the sun) and every night (the moon), graces us. Take a few moments to say out loud, or write down, your words of gratitude. Now, watch what happens…..!

Your life will become transformed in ways you couldn’t have realized before. Negativity weighs us down. Complaining blocks us from prosperity. Gratitude opens the doors of possibility, happiness, serenity. We feel lighter, physically and spiritually. We could sure use more of that, couldn’t we?

In terms of HUMANITY…. we need to keep the HUMAN in it…not lose our sight on what truly matters, the love we share and the way we care, about ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow man, our very existence. Our connections are deeper than the deepest Ocean (but I will save that for another blog entry!) Our World is deeply wounded. Healing can be a constant force in our lives when we look around at ALL we have to be grateful for, and perhaps, have taken far too for granted. One World, One Last Chance to Save it.

Let’s be grateful for this last chance, and do something about it. What will you do today to show gratitude for all that this beautiful World, this beautiful life has given us? Close your eyes….are you ready?

Namaste 🙂

The Wonder Worker




Sowing the Seeds of Love and Spirit



Spring has sprung! I’m so happy I could wet my plants! Okay, seriously though, I chose the picture of white daisies because they are my dearly beloved Aunt Ruthie’s favorite. She is someone who continually influences my life in positive ways, though she is “bringing up daisies” (an affectionate term in this regard) herself right now. That would certainly make her happy if she were. She is a spirit who has Sown the Seeds of Love (and spirit) within me, and I know I can speak for others when I say she has done the same for so many. She was a great teacher, friend, and extremely caring Aunt and person.

Who has sown the seeds of love and spirit within you? How about honoring them by planting a memory garden in their name?

nature blue meadow plant
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have planted Forget-Me-Nots (see above) for a woman named Alice Kinghorn, whom I met in ME some twenty years ago. I was staying at a friend’s house for a week and she lived next door. Every morning she was outside, feeding seagulls, who ate from her hand. One day we struck up a conversation. I’ll never forget her thick Maine accent and her large, strong hands. She brought me down the road to pick blueberries with her using a rake; then we ate together and talked about life. I was taken by her honest testimony of what life is about, what matters most, and how “keeping things simple” was essential for happiness.

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve planted roses for my Nana, Reida; she had prize-winning roses planted in front of her house for over 40 years and shared them with everyone. The local newspaper printed stories about her luscious floral garden. I grew an appreciation for them because of her. She taught me how to prune them, care for them, and display them. Even though she passed twenty years ago, and her home was sold to new owners, the roses still remain out front of the house. When I’m in the area I’m sure to drive by and peek, and I leave them on her gravesite for her too. It feels wonderful to still feel such a deep connection to her through our love of flowers. What I’ll always cherish most about her was her laughter and authentic spirit. Now when they grow in my garden I let her know that they are for her.

sunflower blooming during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The love of sunflowers is something I share with my dearest friend, Barb Masi, who sadly passed away at much too young an age in 2015. Even though we were close friends for 27 years, I never knew we shared the same favorite flower, until one day. She was feeling very low after some intense chemo treatments, so I decided to bring her sunflowers to cheer her up. Little did I know how much they would.

“You brought my favorite flowers!” she said, with an ever-present twinkle in her eye. We laughed together after I told her they were also mine. “How could we not know that already?” she asked.  For a few years in our history we bought each other the same exact perfume for each other as birthday gifts, ours being only a week apart. “How did you know this was my favorite perfume?” I asked.

“I didn’t,” she said, with her big, gorgeous smile, “it’s mine, too!” I could hardly contain my excitement as she then opened her gift to find the same exact thing. We were just connected like that. Two Pisces swimming in the same deep ocean together. We are both very sentimental spirits, both loved the same flowers, but more importantly, we both loved to sow the seeds of love and spirit. Every so often I feel that she lets me know she’s with me by hearing our favorite songs, seeing sunflowers where you wouldn’t expect to, or hearing my chimes ring outside when no wind is present.

agriculture barley field beautiful close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So I’ll ask again…who has sown the seeds of love and spirit in your life? Made a lasting impression on you? Contributed in a positive way to the person you have become? Why not honor them this spring by planting flowers for them? Or perhaps their favorite fruit (blueberries?) or vegetables? Keep their spirits alive and well, not just in your heart, but here on Earth for others to also enjoy. Make a memory garden, if you will, with their names presented, or even a picture of them, beside their favorite plant. My dear friend Barb, before she passed on, bestowed a garden bench, still in the box, unassembled, upon me to one day put in my own garden. When her daughter and I assembled it last fall, I felt her spirit there, smiling at our work. I can’t wait for it to be placed in the memory garden, so she can come and sit a while, if only in spirit, and once again, enjoy her favorite flowers.

If we truly reap what we sow, then why not sow all of the good things that have been given us and pass them on, especially love. My memory garden reminds me of all the joy I’ve lived and all the love I’ve shared. This is just one  way to keep it alive.

Happy Spring and Namaste!

Think Before You Drink!


About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. On average, water also makes up about 60 percent of our bodies. However, it’s the water that’s not on the surface of the Earth, but below it that affects our bodies and that we should concern ourselves with most of all. Second only to the air we breathe, water is a vital source of life without which we simply can’t survive. We bathe in it, cook with it, are rained on by it, and consume it on a daily basis; perhaps we don’t realize how much we take it for granted, especially clean water. Do you know what’s in the water you absorb every day? We, as a people, tend to not make proactive changes until either we are forced to, or circumstances beyond our control push us to the “no other alternative” state of consciousness.
Back in the early 1990s, when everyone jumped on the bottled-water train, most of us had not heard of BPA, PET, HDPE (or LDPE), PVC or number 7 (a polycarbonate). Nor did we overly concern ourselves with what our water was packaged and sold in as long as we were drinking it. After all, many of us believed that it must be better than tap water.
According to a 2008 report from the National Toxicity Program, data showed the possible health risks from chemicals found in plastic bottles of all sorts—with BPAs or not. And it turns out some companies were bottling straight from the tap, with a lack of regulation. That issue was not brought to the forefront until many years later when more conscious consumption became more widespread.
Consider our public water supply or well source. You can request a report from your town water department about what is in your city/town water. If you have a well as a means of your water source, take heed. Whatever you put on your lawn or in your soil, or has seeped to your property from other sources—such as runoff from neighboring property or from flood events—can eventually go into your well. If you use pesticides or chemicals for weed control, you will have those toxins in your body, which can cause or contribute to a slew of illnesses, disorders or diseases. Countless domestic dogs and cats have sickened or perished because they ate grass or licked their paws after repeatedly playing in grass tainted with pesticides and other contaminants.
When is the last time you had your water tested? It may cost between $45 and $300 for a full analysis depending on your location and how thoroughly you’d like it to be analyzed—a small price to pay considering the knowledge you will gain. There are numerous contaminants that can be found in well water, including aluminum, arsenic (a carcinogen), barium (causes a variety of cardiac effects), lead (delays normal physical and mental development in babies and young children) and mercury (causes nervous system disorders). Pesticides can contribute to thyroid, reproductive, gastrointestinal, liver and kidney damage and are linked with numerous kinds of cancers. A water purification system, though pricey, can aid in combating inorganic contaminants. Since there are numerous systems designed to do different things, it is a good idea to ask others who have had them installed already about their experiences.
We like our showcase lawns, but do we like them enough to die for? The old slogan, “We are what we eat,” is antiquated and inadequate to address the underlying issue. The food we grow to consume needs water to nourish that growth. “We are what the soil and the plants eat and drink,” seems more appropriate. It’s time to turn the tide and increase the health of our water to better our health.

**This article originally appeared in Natural Awakenings Magazine. Here’s the link: https://www.enaturalawakenings.com/FAIR/April-2016/Water-Water-Everywhere/



Change Your “Eatitude!”


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(I just love coming up with new terms for things, i.e. “Surthriver,” and “Eatitude”)

For the last three weeks on my radio show ‘Sunday Soulstice Radio” on WXCI, 91.7 FM, I’ve spoken about how to detox your life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Of course to truly do this in all aspects you must first remove the people in your life who may be making you toxic and therefore, making you need to detox in the first place. Anyone who lies to you, deceives you, uses you, or abuses you in any way is more toxic to you than all of the contaminates all around you every moment of every day. That’s first and foremost, but there are some environmental toxins just as harmful as the negative people around you, one of the biggest being PLASTIC.

I just heard this morning on NPR that there’s been enough plastic manufactured in the world (approx. 800 billion tons of it) to cover the entire country of Argentina, which in itself is the eighth largest country in the world (www.npr.org). That’s an awful lot of plastic! What’s even more concerning is the fact that it is showing up in our food itself! It’s been coined “Plastic Pollution,” and it’s not only in
the containers a lot of our food is packaged in, it’s in the bellies of much of our “sea” food, (https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/feb/14/sea-to-plate-plastic-got-into-fish) and guess what? For a while there was a hoax of plastic rice from China and Nigeria being passed off as real. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_rice) Yikes! if the food shortage that is predicted in 20 years is real, this hoax may also become a reality!
So with all of the toxins in our external world, I thought it a good idea to discuss how we can at least contend with all of this chaos internally, more specifically, by raising our awareness of what we consume and how our relationship with what we consume internally, reflects our relationship with ourselves, and more importantly, with others as well. Since 1826 when Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French physician coined the phrase ‘you are what you eat,’ we’ve been obsessed as a society with eating, dieting, masticating, food preparation, calories, weight loss, nutrition and all things physical involving food. We’ve been asked to look at our bodies from the outside in instead of the inside out. What I intend by this statement is to ask you to take a look at the food you consume and ask yourself if it is for sustenance, pleasure, emotional satisfaction, or trend? And how do you feel inside about what you eat on a daily basis? Listen to your “gut” instinct. If you feel badly (emotionally or physically) after eating a meal, then that experience is trying to tell you something!

What is your Spiritual/Emotional connection to the food and drink you consume?

I’m going to ask you to open your mind and your gut here for me. Is what you’re eating and drinking in line with your Emotional Well-Being? Physical Self-Image? Mental Acuity? Probably so, because whether you realize it or not, your relationship with your food reflects your relationship with your body and your mind. Want proof?

Let’s start with “comfort food,” you’re probably aware of what it is, that go-to food (or drink) we
consume when emotionally we’re feeling uncomfortable with ourselves due to stress, fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. It gives us a temporary feeling of emotional comfort, but then what happens? We end up feeling physically drained, mentally exhausted and spiritually unsettled when we crash and burn, leaving our kidneys, liver and intestines to suffer the consequences. Comfort food = needing to be comforted (emotionally, not physically), thereby making you actually feel MORE uncomfortable eventually in one of, or all of the three elements of our existence (Mental, Physical, Spiritual).

Okay, now let’s flip the coin. How about a “healthy” diet? You’re eating the right foods, staying away from processed, artificially flavored and colored, fattening and spicy/salty food. How is your attitude on life when you follow a healthy diet? Is it rose-colored-glasses good, or are you fighting something going on inside of yourself, succumbing to societal pressure, combating a low-self image, etc.? Do you see where I’m going here? Maybe we’ve been conditioned for too long. We should be slender, fit, wear the right clothes, have the right job, live in the right location, have the right education, and on and on and on!

All that really matters is how you feel about YOU!!! That means feeling good about YOU! This begins and ends in the same place, what’s going in your body (food, oxygen, breath) and HOW WHAT YOU ARE CONSUMING MAKES YOU feel.

Change your EATTITUDE, change your LIFE! It’s really your attitude about what you eat that’s going to determine how your body responds to it. If you are dealing with a lot of stress it doesn’t matter WHAT you eat, how healthy it is, how fast or slowly you eat, it’s going to affect your gut, which then affects your bathroom experience! I think you get the idea.

However, if you can take the time to spiritually be one with your food, enjoy every bite, bless it, thank it, be thankful for it, and for thirty days say to yourself ‘I want to be as healthy as I can and help in that process however I am able’, you will start thinking of your food and drink in a new way, you will see the positive results happen naturally, peacefully, positively.

Your ‘Eattitude” will change your physical energy which will then change your spiritual outlook. Once this happens, you will be in total sync in all elements and that’s when true transformation takes place.

Here’s another example. Simple-down your life as the animals in Nature do. They can only eat what is available and natural. No preservatives, fillers, artificial anything. They only drink what’s available, mostly water or the natural juices of a fruit or vegetable. They are completely in tune with their environment and live a true existence, completely present, in the moment and free. They worry not about the millions of unnecessary details we’ve created about the the basic needs of food and shelter. So grow your own food if you can, buy seasonal, local produce, barter services for food or food-making products (I’ll rake your leaves for that food dehydrator you no longer use) and spread positivity around every chance you get. Can’t live without it, can’t be healthy with it without the right outlook. So what is your outlook on the stuff you put in your body every day?

How you look at food is how you look at yourself. Tell me what your diet consists of and how you eat your food and I can know much about you. Are you always in a hurry? A grab-it-and-go eater? (I bet you have some anxiety) Do you masticate a lot, or not enough? Do you sit down in front of the television, computer? Or look at your phone while you’re chewing? Do you enjoy and savor every bite? Smiling at the Gods for the feast, big or not, that you have taken the precious time to prepare and be one with your food, the ‘Zen’ eater? Or are you a patient, kind-to-your-body eater who thinks of your insides first instead of your outsides? Your body reacts to all of these factors, sometimes not in kind! Let me ask you a question; if you’re body could talk to you, what do you think it would say? Would you listen as a friend? A worried parent? A lost child? Or a Wise Sage? If you didn’t like what you heard, what would you do? If you did like what you heard, what would you do?

So you see, when it comes to what you consume, CONSCIOUSNESS MATTERS!

Oh, one last thing. There’s another factor to include here about a healthy “Eattitude” and diet. I’ve benefitted from taking supplements (see link below) to help my gut improve with the path of my “triangle transformation” (spirit/mind/body path to self-mastery), knowing that the more aware and acknowledging I am about what goes inside of me, the more that will come out of me in all three aspects, positively. I take probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, herbs and minerals to compliment my positive “Eattitude”. I’ve been blessed to help guide others with their transformations and seen beautiful results. So if you want to seriously transform your life into one that matters most to you, then uplift yourself, uplift others, and watch what happens. It starts with what’s consuming you in some way, and what in turn you consume. Uplifting others is the truest path to serenity. I hope this article uplifted you (and your gut!) in some way.

I will be discussing this topic and others for a positive life on my radio show this Sunday, January 20 at 11 A.M. on WXCI, 91.7 FM (wxci.org) for Sunday Soulstice Radio. Join me; together we can change the world for the better! Thank you for taking the time to read. Share if you care to!

Kindness Matters!

Your Soul Sister,

The Wonder Worker!